Current Progress: 11/30/13.

Where is the Open Source Scriptures Version currently at in its development process? Is this just another ambitious project that will never demonstrate any fruit?

I can’t assure you I (Dave) won’t be hit by a bus tomorrow and the project cease development due to a lack of other contributors, but I have every intention of being committed to this project – even if the progress is slow and/or the team remains small.

Here is what I’ve done thus far:

  • For the last several months I have been reading through the entirety of the WEB and making minor corrections to the text (spelling, grammar, etc). I have completed a first pass on all of the Scriptures except for Isaiah, Jeremiah, John, Job, Luke, Matthew, Proverbs, Psalms – but I am already making progress through these as well.
  • I’ve created this website and am currently recruiting team members as well as soliciting recommendations for the best collaboration platform for this project.

Here is what comes next:

  1. A collaboration system is selection.
  2. I complete the first pass on the WEB.
  3. I post the WEB to the collaboration system.
  4. Team members begin discussing refinements to the translation.
  5. Consensus determines translation choices.
  6. When a complete pass has been made of any biblical book, the updated version will be added to the “release” version of the OSSV.
  7. Rinse and repeat (Steps 4-6) ad infinitum.

One thought on “Current Progress: 11/30/13.

  1. I wonder,are you aware of where there is a completed Catholic Public Domain Version or the ongoing work found on entitled The Free Bible-what you are doing is fine so-keep it up, don’t ever give up – but do you not think this OSSV might benefit in some way from a study of these[and other modern versions] as well?

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