How will we decide what the translation of a given passage should be? We are so glad you asked!

We’ll give each chapter its own page and then each controversial verse within that chapter its own page. Team members will then contribute their recommended translation along with an explanation of their reasoning, a discussion will ensue, and once the discussion has reached a place of maturity, a consensus decision will be made, not on a strict democratic basis, but rather a loose meritocratic basis. Over time, as the number of contributors grow, it is likely that a more formalized method of decision making will be established with individuals given oversight over specific areas in which they have shown competency and a panel that reviews and approves changes to the translation.

These conversations will be constantly evolving, and every time a new consensus is reached, the “final” translation will be updated. That is, we will have both a “current translation” which is “stable” as well as “bleeding edge” translations which consist of the latest consensus rulings.